Gateway Leadership Initiative is mobilizing thousands of willing Christ followers just like you to start, grow and multiply "come as you are" leaders to lead "come as you are" churches - churches molded from messy people rising up out of the culture to become the Body of Christ.

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The Need to Serve

We truly discover who we are when we lose ourselves in serving – when we start applying our uniqueness in serving others. Serving leads to maturity. People need to serve more than we need their help. The truth is that serving helps us know who God created us to be, and when we know who…


If You’re Really Ready to Make the Future Better than the Past, Start Here

When we just make superficial changes, we won’t see anything new. Seven ways to make the future better than the past. 1. Forget resolutions. 2. Return to God and/or trust God in every aspect of life. 3. Redefine success. 4. Seek God through the Scriptures. 5. Make the sacrifices to remove the distractions necessary to…


Life-Long Leading

Everyone can develop someone. God intends every Christ Follower to lead others. That’s what Jesus’ reiterated in His Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20). Obviously God trusts us to develop other people, or He wouldn’t have given us reproductive organs! But it’s not just our children He wants us to develop, but His also! We all have…